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About Us

Our Mission

To raise awareness and promote education around the disease of addiction.

Substance abuse and addiction is the number one problem in Dare County in the eyes of its residents. Addiction is a horrible disease who’s symptoms can be seen playing out in broken families, lost jobs, homelessness, hopelessness, and physical illness. As a community of faith, we cannot ignore this present darkness.

Walk Against Addiction was founded in 2010 by Brenda Thacker. Proceeds from the walk benefit "The Awareness That Addiction is a Disease Fund" to educate people about addiction and assist with those who need treatment for substance abuse.


Our People

Brenda Thacker

Brenda Thacker

Brenda Thacker is a positive person with high energy, the perfect person to organize something like "Walk Against Addiction". When faced with the adversity and challenges of addiction in her family, she confronted it head on.

Brenda was frustrated about the lack of resources and help available to people with addiction problems in Dare County, and exasperated by the lack of awareness about the breadth of the problem and people’s unwillingness to talk about it.

If somebody was going to take action, she would be the one leading the charge. Her central goal was to spread the message that addiction is a treatable disease and not something to be ashamed of. If more people felt that way, more people might seek help. It became a reality on Sept. 15, 2010 with the 1st Annual OBX Walk Against Addiction.

Find out more about the start of the Walk Against Addiction here:
Personal experience led to drug awareness walk

Tori "Love" Peters

Tori Peters

Tori "Love" Peters is a person who has a great zest for life. She has lived on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for over 20 years which she always refers to as "a little ribbon in the sand". Tori relocated with her beautiful 3 year old twins in March of 1989.
Her greatest love is for her family and friends.
Her hope is to break the silence of drug addiction and bring awareness that this journey to higher ground can be done.
Addiction hurts everybody.

The Outer Banks Walk Against Addiction is a reminder that with each step we take together, we can reach this higher ground, to bring awareness to the disease of drug addiction within our community, also making a positive change we want to see in the world. Tori believes change begins with just one single step.

Please join us for our next Walk Against Addiction and let's walk together.

Paula Bailey
Mission Coordinator

Paula Bailey is the newest member of our Outer Banks Walk Against Addiction staff. Paula is a guard at the Dare County Detention Center and sees first hand the huge impact that substance use has on our community.


Paula realizes from her work at the jail that addiction can happen to anyone. Addiction knows no class, color, socio-economic status or income level. Her compassion for the people who share the walls surrounding them is felt by fellow staff members and residents of the detention center.


Mrs. Bailey is also an integral part of the Saving Lives Task Force in Dare County -- her passion comes from several family members who suffer from this epidemic but Paula has decided to turn negative circumstances in her life into positive changes for herself, her family, friends and community.