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Inspirational Messages

Dear Mom and Dad

I am a drug abuser. I need your help.

Don't solve my problems for me. This only makes me lose respect for you—and for myself.

Don't lecture, moralize, scold, blame or argue whether I'm stoned or sober. It may make you feel better, but it only makes the situation worse.

Don't accept my promises. The nature of my illness prevents my keeping them, even though I mean them at the time. Promises are only my way of postponing the pain. And don't keep switching agreements; if an agreement is made, stick to it.

Don't lose your temper with me. It will destroy you and any possibility of helping me.

Don't let your anxiety for me make you do what I should do for myself.

Don't believe everything I tell you. Often I don't even know the truth—let alone tell it.

Don't cover up or try to spare me the consequences of my using. It may reduce the crisis, but it will make my illness worse.

Above all, don't run away from reality as I do. Drug dependence, my illness, gets worse as my using continues.

Start now to learn, to understand, to plan for your own recovery. Find Families Anonymous, Nar-Anon, Al-Anon or CoDa; these groups exist to help families in just your situation.

I need your help—from a doctor, a psychologist, a counselor, from some people in a self-help program who are in recovery from a drug problem themselves—and from a Power greater than myself.


Your "User"

Dear Friend

I've come to visit once again.

I LOVE to see you suffer mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

Jumpy, nervous, and restless. Agitated and irritable to everything and everyone. To hate, especially yourself. I want you to feel sorry for yourself, to blame everything but your addiction for the way things are. I want you to deceit and manipulate as many people as possible. I want you fearful and paranoid. I want you to wake all through the night screaming for me. I want to be the first thing you wake to and be your last memory before you blackout. I would rather you die, I'll settle to put you in an institution or jail. No worry. I'll be waiting when you get out. I love all the damage I'm causing you. It's amazing what I do to your internal organs, destroying your brain, bit by bit. I deeply appreciate the sacrifices you've made for me. The countless jobs, dear friends, I'm more than grateful. Especially your family. You sacrifice all these beautiful things to devote your life completely to me. After you have lost all these things you can still depend on me to take more. I will put you in a living hell to keep your MIND, BODY, SOUL. I will not be satisfied until you are dead, my friend.


Your Drug of Choice

September 23, 2011

Chris Skinner, Motivational Speaker

October 1, 2011

2nd Annual Walk Against Addiction

October 27, 2011

Dare CASA Route 12 Productions, Prescription Drug Video

September 25, 2010

1rst Annual Walk Against Addiction

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